Hello friends! Welcome to Just A Thought!

I find myself in a real bind when it comes to writing. I simply just cannot for the life of me get myself to sit down, gather my thoughts, and write; it’s a serious struggle and a burden. But here is the thing, I do not want it to be a struggle or see it as a burden. I want to write with ease and actually, enjoy the activity. The only way for me to overcome this conundrum is to practice. So I have come to a solution, start a blog.

Just A Thought is going to be my outlet for sharing my thoughts on anything and everything. Whatever pops into my mind, it is going to be my day’s blog topic. It may be one sentence, or a paragraph, or a full-blown rant – who knows.  All I know is that I will be utilizing this blog as my motivator to gather my thoughts and write them down – practice makes perfect, right?

Because this is going to be more of a learning experience, I realize that my writing will contain grammatical and syntactical errors. It may not be fluid in thought. It may not even make sense, but these are the things I want to work on, so bear with me.

Now that I have given my little schpeel, I hope you guys will enjoy reading this blog. My mind is full of random thoughts so get excited!

xoxo, Kristina

P.S. Don’t forget to Share A Thought also (if you have one)…it’s a free for all for everyone, not just me 🙂


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